Different Jobs in Film Industry

Different Jobs in Film Industry

If you love to make career in the film industry, then you are looking at quite competitive business. The good thing about film industry is people will never stop spending on entertainment even in slump. You have pretty good career options in Film industry. Making movies is a lucrative business and you can make money in film industry. We have compiled various careers options of film industry for your resume.

One of the ambiguous titles in Film Industry, a producer can be a writer, an investor, an idea man, a manager or all of the above. In film, the head producer is called the executive producer and is accountable for each and every phase of filmmaking which are pre-production, production and post-production.

The producer reads scripts and hears ideas from writers, directors and agents in pre-production. After selecting an idea, the producer has to arrange money to fund the project. One option is to get the support from a major movie studio. Another is to go independent and try to arrange funding from individual investors.


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Screenwriters get different ways to involved in with a film project. In first way they write the full script and then search a producer who might buy the script to make a movie. In second way screenwriter hired when producer and director gets an idea and they need entire script to develop their ideas in to a full movie. Many experienced screenwriters do not write full script. Their agent fix appointments with the producer to showcase their idea later on producer will decide to get the idea only or fulltime screenwriter.


Directors supervise the artistic image of a film. Directors are not directly involved in the financial side of filmmaking, unless they’re producing the film too.

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In pre-production, the director works directly with the screenwriter and the producer to figure out the best way to visually represent the script and its themes. An experienced director choose the  cinematographers, art directors, cameramen, casting directors and even actors for the film. Even if the producer has done the actual hiring and location scouting, it’s the director who can change and finalize the team again.


Editors have the toughest job because they have to analyze the hundreds of shots taken by the directors and select the best shots which best tell the story of the film according to the director’s view. It’s the least glamorous jobs of film industry. They edit the various scenes and get the best of the shots taken in order to get the film in its time line.

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Film Industry has so many other career options like actors, Art Director, Cinematographer and so on however it’s little bit difficult to get a break through if you have not connections in the industry.

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