How to Become a Movie Director

How to Become a Movie Director - Manjit Jhita

Here manjit jhita describe how movies have great impact on everybody. People are crazy for Hollywood movies and stunning Hollywood stars. Think about the man behind creating these awesome Hollywood movies, it’s the director who puts efforts to reflect his world of imagination into reality. Have you ever dream of becoming a movie director? Do you have burning desire to direct a movie? Are you afraid of directing a movie because of no experience in this field? Manjit Jhita a renowned director and producer sharing some basic rules to make a movie by following which you can achieve your dream of directing a movie. There are four basic factors to direct a movie, which includes a script, music, camera angle and the actor’s performance. Let’s start stepping ahead to the way of directing a movie by following these simple steps and of course your family and friends won’t mind supporting you in movie direction.

Become a Movie Director - Manjit Jhita

First and foremost requirement in directing a movie is you must have a nice script. You can ask your friends to write a script for you or you can also write your script by your own. If you take script from your friend then you have to read it carefully to fully understand the inside of story and roles of various characters. Sometimes you have to read the script several times during directing the movie to clearly represent the character image. A movie director should be a good story teller so it will be important for you to know the insight of the story and explain it to your crew members to direct the perfect movie.

Next we have the performance of the actors and actresses which is also important to direct a good movie. You have to make sure that actors and actresses should be comfortable with you so that they can deliver difficult lines with ease when required. Director of the movie is the pillar around which whole movie making process revolved. So to shoot every scene of the movie perfectly your actors and actress’s performance matters a lot.

Film Directing Manjit Jhita

According to movie director Manjit Jhita founder of Entertaining Media Production (EMP), keeping good camera angle is the third vital rule of movie making. Balance your camera angle to shoot your first movie efficiently. You can’t direct a movie in a single camera angle. You have to change the camera angle in order to shoot different scenes of the movie. Different camera angle like wide angle, medium angle and close up can be set according to the scene requirement. If you are taking a shot in which Hero needs to capture then your camera angle will Aerial. Close up shot is to focus on the facial expression and wide angle shot gives clarity about the surroundings.

Fourth and final key ingredient for directing a good movie is its fine music.  Hollywood movies are known for their unique music team, however as you are just starting directing a movie so you can choose the music of your own but it should be in the same tone of your movie.

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