An Entertainment veteran in Film, TV, Video Games, Mobile Games and now Virtual Reality.

Matthew Hunt: VP of Games / Creative Director at The Refinery Creative

Manjit Jhita has the Eye, not just artistically, but for the project as a whole. His ability to navigate the always-tricky waters of artistic integrity vs. practical business realities is exceptional, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future.”

Brad Hendricks: CEO at Blind Squirrel Entertainment Inc.

“I contract’d Manjit to help us with our Animation and Motion capture requirements for our RPG game. He directed and managed the entire process from beginning to end. WeI provided Manjit with very little direction and he expanded upon that and provided, what I would categorize as, some phenomenal work. He expanded upon our ideas and added so much value that he became an invaluable asset to Blind Squirrel Games success as a company. He is a dedicated, hardworking individual, with a ton of high quality expertise. I would recommend Manjit to anyone as he has provided my company with the highest quality work available in our industry”

Shaun Novak: Director of Production at Machinima, Inc.                                                       “Manjit is an excellent example of the important of having a traditional animation background. In addition to directing, he also hand drew all the storyboards for multiple projects, as well as personally managed pitches and teasers. His talent and vision has been the driving force behind all of the cinematics I’ve worked on. As a supervisor, he’s always stood up for and taken care of his underlings, so that they may better concentrate on getting the job done”

Kenneth Lee: Producer + Senior Designer at Zindagi Games

“I had the pleasure of working with Manjit Jhita on 3 projects in a row, and over the years, I’ve been able to see a consummate director, a person so passionate about his craft that you can’t but help be inspired.
Manjit not only has a keen eye for animation, but also is a great storyboard artist, able to put together exciting cinematics and bring a vision to reality. I’d be glad to work with Manjit Jhita again in the future”